King of mischief: Kirik Party

Review for the movie: Kirik Party (Kannada)  [English: Slang: Person with lot of complications & implications: also messy]


Direction: Rishab Shetty

Production: Paramvah Studios
Pushkar Films

Cast: Rakshit Shetty as Karna P
Rashmika Mandanna as Saanvi Joseph
Samyuktha Hegde as Aarya T
Aravind Iyer as Lokesh Kumar
Dhananjay Ranjan
Chandan Achar as Alexander
Ashwin Rao Pallaki as Ravi
Pramod Shetty as Jnanesh
Shankar Murthy as Sankoch Murthy
Achyuth Kumar as Mechanic Gouse
and others…

Music: Ajaneesh Loknath

Plot: Kirik Party is a college life movie which revolves around engineering life of Karna and his friends who belong to different streams but bond together while staying in hostel. The treatment is stylish with light humour throughout while exploring the college life of these youngsters. They undergo various situations common to everyone during college life like having crush on girls, messing around with lecturers, enjoying and experience other side of hostel; friendship breaks, fights, mainly academics, etc.,

My Say: In the recent past, Rakshit Shetty and team have given KFI with movies which were refreshing. So, this movie too had kept the expectation level high since the release of trailers and songs. Will it live up-to the expectations or fall short? Here is what I feel.

College days has been a long loved concept/story-line for many movies, but not every flick gets a click! Places where many go wrong are extra doze of comedy, unrealistic dialogues, above the world fights, dream come true endings and cast mismatch along with mishandling of story telling. Kirik Party is one of those rare movies which has clicked in all those places.

The movie, I’m sure will make each individual relive his/her college days. The story-line was crisp; BGM and music mixed well with situations and never looked out of the place. Fine cinematography made things look real, beautiful and rich. Dialogues, filled with humour gave some real exercise for the abdominal muscles. The variations in the story-line from fun filled 1st year to heartbroken middle years to serious/friendship-broken final year was great to watch. Emotional moments hit the right spots in the heart. After all these, how could I miss talking about the cast? Everyone was good in their characters and they were natural at it. The back-end and supporting staff have also done good job which was evident.

How Kirik is the Party? Well, its time to watch the movie! It is a flick which is for all age groups.

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